Ashley Furniture settled at 33%

Owed: $3819.85

Paid: $1257.03

Chase Bank settled at 35%

Owed: $7812.89

Paid: $2740.00

Bank of America settled at 24%

Owed: $16883.75

Paid: $4077.95

Capital One settled at 36%

Owed: $3337.49

Paid: $1200.00

Wells Fargo settled at 25%

Owed: $7027.06

Paid: $1760.00

CitiBank settled at 25%

Owed: $10126.27

Paid: $2532.00

US Bank settled at 25%

Owed: $16281.88

Paid: $4070.47

Chase Bank settled at 38%

Owed: $3939.17

Paid: $1491.72

Bank of America settled at 35%

Owed: $18660.04

Paid: $6531.00

Providian Bank settled at 25%

Owed: $11465.10

Paid: $2866.00

Home Depot settled at 25%

Owed: $3543.51

Paid: $887.53

HSBC Bank settled at 27%

Owed: $24768.74

Paid: $6750.00

Discover Card settled at 20%

Owed: $5491.95

Paid: $1098.39

Citibank settled at 25%

Owed: $9418.97

Paid: $2355.00

GE Money Bank settled at 17%

Owed: $14020.27

Paid: $2322.00

Bank of America settled at 25%

Owed: $7899.83

Paid: $1900.00

Heritage First USA settled at 22%

Owed: $34452.42

Paid: $7652.00

Sears settled at 30%

Owed: $8533.90

Paid: $2560.16

Washington Mutual settled at 25%

Owed: $18479.91

Paid: $4600.00

GE Capital settled at 30%

Owed: $7865.00

Paid: $2359.50

About Us

World Law Debt Settlement focuses specifically on the process of helping our clients become debt free. Our service provides you with a straightforward assessment of your legal rights and all your options allowed by law. When you use World Law Debt Settlement, you don’t have to make a trip to a law office; rather, you receive debt information according to your schedule, saving you precious time.

In 1998, partners from five of the world’s leading international law firms met to discuss the impact of the Internet on the availability of legal services. From that meeting grew several software prototypes for streamlining the most common legal issues, and compiling them into complex database and delivery system. Thus the first automated system to address over 4,000 common legal issues was created at

Today we’re helping to fill the need for efficient debt settlement legal solutions. In addition to an expanding searchable knowledge database, our systems automatically re-route designated issues to our global law team when the need arises. We provide thorough up-to-date advice on commonly-faced legal debt issues in over 26 international jurisdictions including the United States. We put the expertise and resources of a global debt law firm to work for you.

Our founding shareholder board included leading international lawyers from the U.S. and abroad. The board worked closely with our premiere global team of Czech and Finnish computer programmers, British software analysts, and Internet systems specialists from the United States, Finland and Japan.

We’re delighted that you’re considering us here at World Law Debt Settlement to help solve your financial issues. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality debt relief solutions as part of our Attorney-backed program.

We take great pride in providing extraordinary experiences with each and every client contact. Our Client Services division exists to ensure that every client gets the “VIP treatment”. We employ extensively trained professionals who are passionate about delivering premier debt relief services to all of our clients.


  • Founded in 1998 by partners from leading international law firms.
  • World Law Direct is the leading interactive provider of U.S. and international legal solutions; specializing in complex international law matters for U.S. Fortune 500 and international clients.
  • First automated system in the world to address over 4000 common legal issues.
  • Google ranks World Law Direct number one for “online legal advice” out of more than fifteen million searched sites. July 2004 through January 2009.
  • Thousands of visitors assisted daily.

World Law Debt Settlement provides the following bundled services during the first 30 days of enrollment:

  • Contract Review
  • Insolvency Analysis
  • Attorney letters of representation sent to creditors
  • Pre-Bankruptcy screening and analysis
  • Asset Information Collection and Preservation analysis
  • Fair Debt collection practices act education course and collection of violation incidents
  • Litigation preparedness program including evaluation of effective creditor collection options
  • Access to World Law Groups library of legal forms and information.

In summary, our ongoing internal training programs ensure that we have the most extensively trained group of professionals in the industry to satisfy your debt settlement needs.

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If you're looking for a way to get off the debt treadmill, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of your different options. It's important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your resolution depends on your specific circumstances. We can help you figure out which choice is best for your particular situation.   Our summary of debt law will help you to become familiar with all of your rights and responsibilities as a debtor. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any! We can show you how debt collectors break the rules all the time.   The current state of our economy had detrimental effects on consumers, leading many to consider options such as debt settlement. If you are considering bankruptcy, or you're drowning in credit card, medical, or personal loan bills, we'll explain what debt settlement is, and how it works.   Find out how long it will take to become debt free. You can also see; A. How much you'll pay in interest by making just minimum monthly payments B. Debt consolidation C. Credit Counseling D. The World Law Debt solution
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